Durante los meses de octubre y noviembre, alumnos de 2º de ESO de la Sección Bilingüe han participado en el proyecto de biblioteca con la actividad EL MISTERIO DE LAS MONARQUÍAS, organizada por la profesora Ana Jiménez. Hemos seleccionado dos textos de alumnas de 2º de ESO  para compartirlos con vosotros.

Writing number 1.

In Visigoth Hispania, the most common method of succession was assassination. King Basis reigned Hispania, and he lived in his castle with his son, Tales. Basis was a good king who cared for the citizens of Hispania and had a form of government that everyone accepted. However, his son Tales was a cruel person who only cared about himself and wanted to become the king of Hispania. To accomplish that, he would have to kill his father, so he devised a plan.
One day, King Basis received a letter that read, “Your reign will end soon.” When the king read the letter, he got scared thinking they wanted to kill him. After a while, a strange-looking man came to the castle. That night, the king received another letter saying, “It will be your last day.” The king got more scared and decided to lock himself in his suite and sleep.
The next morning, his son Tales appeared dead in his room. Nobody knew what was happening and who killed Tales. That morning, the king received news from a guard: “My work here is done and you’re safe.” The confused king asked the guard who gave him the news. The guard did not know.
King Basis promised to find out who had killed his son Tales. But the mystery lasted forever. No one could figure out who had killed Tales.

Writing number 2.

In Visigoth Hispania, the most common method of succession was killing. In some cases, kings’ reigns lasted one hour.
There was a family called the Lemoms. The father of the family was sick and he was the king of Toledo.
In September of 568, he died and left the position to his oldest son. That same month, he also died, and his whole family was surprised. The title was passed to his next brother. To the mother, it seemed strange that her son had died so early. She investigated but found nothing.
That same week, the new king died. The position of king went to the king’s next-youngest brother. The mother was very surprised because that had never happened before, and she continued to investigate but found nothing. That day, the king spent an hour as king and then died. The control passed to the youngest brother. The mother was very angry and didn’t know what was happening. He was king for three years.
The mother discovered, after investigating, that her child who was the current king had killed all his brothers so that he could be king. One day, she was walking and found a bottle of poison between the flowers. The youngest son had killed all of his brothers with the poison in order to be king. That day, he was imprisoned and…

Alumnos de 2º de ESO

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    1. Congratulations! these texts are very good, I liked a lot. They are fantastic and they have very well everything about the murder of kings at that time.

  2. Congratulation!They are very insteresting and intriguing stories, are very good.

  3. ¡Enhorabuena! Los textos son geniales, tienen mucho misterio y está muy bien explicado.

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  5. I love the two stories, because they are mysterious and interesting. Congratulation! Good work!